Police Body Camera App

Sight On-Scene

Whether your department hasn't yet adopted standalone cameras, or you're looking to record video at a moment's notice, 10-21 Video adds live streaming to any police officer's tool belt. Great for field interviews, incident reporting, critical response, training and officer safety.


  • Unlimited Live Streaming
    Stream your iPhone, Android or Webcam to other first responders

  • 1 Concurrent Viewer
    Bring one other officer on-scene through your camera lens

  • 3 Days Recording Storage Playback videos on your phone or laptop up to 3 days later


  • Video Downloads
    Download recordings for sharing or entering into your RMS

  • Two Concurrent Viewers
    Invite two people to watch and listen as you Go Live

  • Recording Storage
    Store recordings on the cloud without using space on your phone

  • Dedicated Broadcast Channel
    Go Live on the same Channel Number each time (not random)

  • Password Protected Channel
    Require viewers to enter a password before connecting


  • Records Management
    Grant access to officers and manage their recordings

  • Multiple Concurrent Viewers
    Great for teams requiring three or more viewers tuned in at once

  • AWS GovCloud Storage
    Pooled storage for your agency on the trusted Amazon GovCloud

  • Conceal Camera Preview
    Disable your video preview while streaming to avoid detection

  • Guest Mode
    Go Live without having to register as a law enforcement officer

  • 24x7 US-Based Phone Support
    24-hour phone and email support from skilled technicians